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How we’ve expanded during a global pandemic?

How many times have you heard the phrase’s: global pandemic, the new normal, and simply, coronavirus? 

There is no other way to say it, it has been a strange time for everyone. But we’re four months in now, and here at SRC we are proud at how quickly we have moved to remote working, and how we have adapted to provide our needs led, specialist support that continues to empower women. And we worked so hard, we even managed to expand our services. 

To celebrate, we thought we’d put together a little timeline of our growth!

Back in January 2019 (can we all remember that long ago?) the Team @ SRC decided that we would expand our services to provide online counselling, and by April 2019, we had our first service user receiving online counselling! We also did some background work (and spoke to lots of IT services) and revamped our office systems…  we even got fancy new telephones. 

Now, we’re not sure what we anticipated/or knew before everyone else, but in January, we decided to move to a brand-new online system, and although we were a little rusty with using it, we had no idea how handy it would be! Fast forward a couple of months when we started to move to remote working, and the shiny new systems felt like a saviour! 

When the government announced the lockdown, our counsellors already had experience with delivering counselling online, so we were able to move all our counselling sessions to an online space. Alongside this, at the beginning of March we launched our brand new Outreach service, so our two outreach workers quickly adapted to providing practical support on a variety of online platforms. This was all done within two weeks! 

Once we’d finished all that, we looked into the types of safe online spaces that were in demand, and we decided to launch: Online Groups @ SRC. [page link].

We received the feedback that Facebook was a user-friendly platform, so we launched Community @ SRC, and were joined by Lizzie, our trauma informed Yoga Teacher each week for a free yoga session. In addition, we launched Biscuits and Brew- our virtual coffee morning, and a monthly Book Group. Whilst it was slow to start with, these services quickly grew to a lovely community, and we’ve been incredibly proud of the positive feedback that we’ve received. 

If you’re reading this blog and think that you would like to be involved in these services, please visit this page. 

And finally, we were able to complete our long-awaited project: re-designing our brand-new website- the exact one you’re reading this post on. Our next blog entry will be all about this process and will celebrate its launch! We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Looking back, we can agree that it’s been a strange time for everyone, and not everything has been smooth sailing- but here at SRC we can look back on this time and see it as an opportunity for growth that we seized, and we know these brand new services will continue beyond this global pandemic. Thank you to all our incredible counsellors, volunteers, trustees, supporters and service users, who stuck with us in this time. We are so thankful for you! 

In Solidarity, 
The Team @ SRC!  

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