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Reclaim The Night 2020

Read on as we talk to Issy, our Helpline and Volunteer Coordinator about Reclaim The Night 2020

What is Reclaim The Night? 

Reclaim the Night is a movement which started in the 1970’s, in response to advice issued from the police which asked women to keep themselves safe by not walking the streets after dark! Women felt that, instead of focusing on those who perpertrate sexual violence, and inflict harm on women, the police focused on preventing women from living their lives- so they took to the streets to protest.

Unfortunatley these messages are still prevalent in society day, so we continue to Reclaim The Night!

Why is is based over 16 Days this year? 

Each and every year a global campaign, called the 16 Days of Activism happens- and it marks actions taken to stand against gender based violence. Within the 16 Days is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and it runs until Human Rights Day. The reason for this, is to highlight that gender -based violence often violates women and girls human rights, so the 16 Days make an explicit link to this. 

At SRC, we have chosen to run a longer campaign than we usually would, and mark the 16 Days! We will have various events happening along the 16 Days, and we will mark the end of it by holding our Virtual March! 

What is this years theme?

 This year’s theme is about collective care and wellbeing. We know that self-care and compassion for yourself is not only vital, but it’s a political act, an act of defiance. Taking care of yourself is activism. So, this Reclaim the Night, we’re encouraging you to get angry, reclaim virtual spaces, take some time for yourself, and get involved.

Why is Reclaim The Night important?

We know the global pandemic has disproportionately affected women, and that women have taken on additional responsibilities such as domestic labour, childcare, and education during the past couple of months. We have seen women be resilient. We have seen women step up to support a society which doesn’t always support them. We have seen women put the needs of others above themselves. Reclaim The Night is a space to stand in solidarity with women in Suffolk and put ourselves first. It’s a call to action against violence against women and girls. 

 How can I get involved?

This year, you can visit our amazing programme of events here! We have A Violence Agaisnt Women Taster Training Session, meditation, yoga and our Virtual March on Thursday 10th December. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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