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Here at SRC, we know how important it is to stand up and reclaim our space as women and it’s why we’re so proud to host Reclaim the Night each year. In 2020, although we can’t take to the streets in the same way we usually would, it is imperative that we still come together to take up space in whatever way we can. This year, it will just have to be digital! 


… that Reclaim the Night is part of an international campaign; The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence against women and girls, which aims to highlight that gender-based violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights.


With this in mind, we’re proud to announce Reclaim the Night 2020’s programme of events!

Reclaim the Night 2020 will be spread across the 16 Days of Activism- with a variety of events to get involved in. Instead of marching through the centre of Ipswich, this year we invite you to join our Digital March, held online on Thursday 10th December. 

We know the global pandemic has disproportionately affected women, and that women have taken on additional responsibilities such as domestic labour, childcare, and education during the past couple of months. We have seen women be resilient. We have seen women step up to support a society which doesn’t always support them. We have seen women put the needs of others above themselves. We have seen women survive, and despite it all, thrive.

We know that self-care and compassion for yourself is not only vital, but it’s a political act, an act of defiance. Taking care of yourself is activism. So, this Reclaim the Night, we’re encouraging you to get angry, reclaim virtual spaces, take some time for yourself, and get involved.


How to get involved

We have created a programme of events which details all that is on offer during Reclaim the Night 2020. To ensure that we keep the online spaces safe, certain events will require pre-registration. 

Wednesday 25th November

Reclaim the Night 2020 Launch! 

Join us across social media and on the evening radio as we launch this years Reclaim the Night! 

Saturday 28th November

Safe Spaces at SRC!

Read our brand-new blog post with survivors, where we explore how important safe spaces are for women.

Sunday 29th November


Join our Yoga Teacher for a free live-streamed yoga class for women and girls. The class is 1 hour long and includes meditation and relaxation at the end. Live streamed on our FB!

Monday 30th November

VAWG and Intersectionality

Listen to our director as she chats to Suffolk activists about women’s intersectional experiences of violence and harassment and how we end VAWG for all women and girls.

Wednesday 2nd December

Breathing and Mindfulness

Head on over to our Facebook page for some grounding exercises and hints and tips!

Friday 4th December

Guided Visualisation

Join Kat, our online outreach worker as on this guided meditation to find a safe space and sanctuary inside ourselves.

Saturday 5th December

Introduction to VAWG

Are you a keen feminist looking to learn some more about VAWG? Come along to this taster session to learn more! Pre-registration is required. 

11.00AM – 12.30PM

Sunday 6th December


Join our Yoga Teacher for a second free live-streamed yoga class for women and girls. The class is 1 hour long and includes meditation and relaxation at the end. Live streamed on our FB! 

Monday 7th December

What is Activism?

Listen to Issy from Suffolk Rape Crisis as she chats with Wassup about how we think about activism, how to be an activist, and how to look after your wellbeing!

Wednesday 9th December

Crafty Workshop

Come and spend an hour with other women getting creative with your banners. Pre-registration is required

6.00 – 7.00PM

Thursday 10th December 


Prepare your banners, join us in our online march, and hear speeches from Suffolk activists from 7pm-8pm! Pre-registration is required.

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So excited for our first ‘Dinner and Learn: The Criminal Justice System’ held by our amazing online outreach worker Kat! We’re learning about the full stages of the CJS so that we can best understand and support survivors! #VAWG suffolk_rc photo


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