Here at SRC we are committed to working in our local community to challenge victim blaming and champion gender equality.


To work as part of a worldwide movement to ensure that women and girls experiencing any form of sexual violence in our community are able to access needs-led, specialist support. At the same time, we will challenge the underlying attitudes that allow sexual violence to continue.

As suggested in both our Vision and Mission, here at SRC we are committed to working in our local community to challenge victim blaming, and champion gender equality. 

Our vision is a world free from sexual violence and gender inequality.


Reclaim the Night 2021

Reclaim the Night 2021

Activism  /  Reclaim the Night 2021Here at SRC, we know how important it is to stand up and reclaim our space as women and it’s why we’re so proud to host Reclaim the Night each year. It's 2021, and we're ready to take to the streets and have our voices heard! DID YOU...

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Activism@SRC  /  #AfterNightFail #AfterNightFailIn the months leading up to Reclaim the Night 2019, which was themed around ending victim blaming culture, Suffolk Police relaunched their #AfterNightFall campaign- which was a reinvention of a similar campaign they ran...

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Reclaim the Night 2019

Activism@SRC  /  Reclaim the Night Reclaim the Night 2019After the success of Ipswich’s Reclaim the Night 2018 at Suffolk Rape Crisis, we were eager to continue the momentum and come back even bigger and brighter for 2019! And so, we did! We began the planning much...

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Reclaim the Night 2018:

Activism@SRC  /  Reclaim the Night Reclaim the Night 2018In 2018, Suffolk Rape Crisis decided to bring back Reclaim the Night Ipswich, working with Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices, The Student Union at The University of Suffolk, Suffolk Feminist Society and I Can Run...

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Hi everyone! Here at SRC our volunteer team is expanding and so the equipment we need is increasing!
We're wondering if anyone has any old phones they'd be happy to donate to us! Any smart phone will do, but ideally an old #iphone would be best!


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