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In 2019, we secured funding to create our very own Young Women’s Activism Programme, through the #I Will Project.

What is the # I Will project? 

The I Will Project is a national project that aims to engage young people in youth social action- to make a positive difference to themselves, others or their environment. Currently only 4 in 10 young people consider themselves to be taking part in meaningful social action- the I Will Campaign aims to make participation in volunteer activities the norm. 

What will our programme look like?

Here at SRC we have the specialist knowledge to create a Young Women’s Activism Programme which provides young women in Suffolk with a variety of skills needed to be a successful activist- including using social media, talking to the media (press releases and radio appearances) alongside confidence building exercises and effective monitoring and evaluating. Even more importantly, we want to provide a safe, encouraging feminist community for the young women of Suffolk- something that isn’t available right now! 

The Programme will consist of 5 workshops: 

  • Understanding Sexual Violence
  • Creating a base 
  • Proposing Change 
  • The tools you need
  • Action planning 

And will also include a 3 day ‘Activism Festival’, planning meetings, and active campaigning in the local community.  

Applications for this programme are not yet open- please check back for updates.

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