SRC is committed to being an inclusive organisation that values equality, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to create a culture in which discrimination, in all its forms, is recognised, addressed, and challenged.

SRC aims to:

  • Ensure there is a positive culture throughout the organisation, where diversity, inclusion, compassion, and respect are core values and at the centre of all its activities.
  • Eliminate all forms of conscious and unconscious discrimination in its practices and behaviours.
  • Actively encourage positive action to overcome disadvantage and discrimination.
  • Ensure the highest possible standards are achieved in the delivery of its services to beneficiaries and in its employment practices.
  • Ensure EEDI are promoted through its work, both internally and externally.
  • Guarantee everyone feels valued and given space to work to their full potential.

SRC is committed to anti-racism. We are currently taking steps to ensure bespoke anti-racism training is provided to all members of the organisation, along with formulating an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.


SRC is committed to providing a high quality, specialist service to all women who use our service.

If you have used the service, we welcome feedback and comments which outline your experience, as we often use these to demonstrate the empowering and dynamic service we provide. If you would like to get in touch with any comments and feedback, please email: 

In addition, we appreciate that experiences may be varied, and we view complaints and concerns as an opportunity to learn and improve our service to ensure it adequately meets the needs of women. If you would like to make a complaint, please email with as much information about the complaint, and your name, address and telephone number. Your complaint will be handled in line with our Complaints Policy which is available to view here:


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If you share a computer with others, or if you are using a computer that may be accessed by someone else, you can clear your browser history if you do not want other users to see that you have visited this website. For advice on how to do this across different web browsers, see the Suffolk Constabulary website: 


Although SRC does not collect any information from cookies on any of our online platforms, WordPress and other add ons may collect information in order to tailor your browsing experience. If you would prefer not to accept cookies on our website there is a pop up at the bottom of the screen which will give you more information.


We are fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (2018). This means that all our client’s data is:

  • Stored in secure locations and is only accessed by staff at SRC in which it is in the client’s best interest for them to see it.
  • Kept only for the purpose specified when the data is collected
  • Updated as regularly as possible
  • The property of the client, therefore the client can request to view; withdraw certain permissions; or the destruction of their data at any time

For more information our full Data Protection and Privacy Policy can be accessed below, or you can call the office on (01473) 231200. 

Confidentiality & Safeguarding. 

At SRC, all our services are confidential, however there may be circumstances when we will have to pass information on. This may include if you are actively suicidal or plan to harm yourself or someone else. If this arises, your outreach worker or counsellor will work with you to empower you to make your own decisions and speak to other services yourself, however if this is not possible, they will do on your behalf so with your knowledge. 

Please find our Confidentiality and Safeguarding Policies below: 

CHARITY NO. 1187478

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